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Tire Changing On Busy Roads

How to Safely Change a Tire on a Busy Road or Highway

roadside serviceWe have all experienced an incident where we have blown out one of our tires when driving on a long journey down a busy road or highway. It is a pain and may mean you’ll have to pull over and fix the tire yourself. In most cases, people will have a repair kit or spare tire on hand to fix any issues until they can get to a mechanic or garage. However, changing a tire on the highway is very dangerous and it can result in you getting injured by passing cars, sometimes leading to serious injuries including death. You need to make sure that a number of factors are considered before you go to change a tire. Safety should be your priority on the roads and this article will give you a number of situational checks to make before you begin your repairs.

Make Sure you are Far Away from the Road
This may seem an obvious safety precaution, but you need to make sure that you are far away from the road as possible. This is the same for every single highway or road and you need to make sure that you are not exposing yourself to the busy traffic that it racing past you. A great way to be safer when changing a tire is by facing the damaged tire away from the road. This way, if any cars drive too close, you won’t be the thing that they hit. If you feel that you are unable to get your car to an adequate space away from the road, it may be time to consider calling in the professionals. An emergency tire change service will be better equipped to assist you.

Use Traffic Safety Cones and Flares
This is especially important should your vehicle become disabled at night on a busy road or highway. If you have them as part of your vehicle’s travel safety kit, put out traffic cones, or light some flares to warn oncoming traffic that you are there. Place them far enough down the road to get the other drivers attention before they are on top of you. If you have none of these safety items and it is a busy highway or road, you really should consider calling for law enforcement or the highway patrol. They can use their car and lights to warn other drivers to slow down when approaching. To make it even less stressful for yourself, you can just call a professional roadside assistance service to change the tire for you.

Stay Vigilant
Again, this is a fairly obvious one, but you may be surprised by the number of people who have suffered injuries because they were not paying attention to their surroundings during a roadside tire change. You need to be consistently looking over your shoulder at the passing traffic making sure that there are no vehicles driving too close to your parked car. Even if you follow all the safety tips in this article, if you are not paying attention you can still get injured. It may be a good idea to have a friend stand as a lookout making sure that there are no problems heading your way. This can be an issue if you are by yourself. Fortunately, there are 24-hour tire change services available that will be able to assist you.

Check the Ground Levels Before you Jack
Car JackThis is very important when considering your safety. You are going to need to jack your car up when changing your tire and it is important to check the ground to assess whether it is suitable to jack from. The jack is going to be supporting the weight of your car and if it were on the unsteady or uneven ground the vehicle could flip toward you, or even flip into traffic and cause fatal injuries.


Call a 24 Hour Mobile Tire Service
There is a simple way to ensure you are not injured by passing cars or other hazards when you are changing your tire, and that is by hiring a 24-hour mobile tire service. There some services that are available and just with a simple phone call, they will be there to help you swiftly. They are professionally trained and equipped to deal with the most awkward of tire changes, making sure that everyone is protected from passing cars and other hazards. Emergency tire change services can help you fit your tire and are very reasonably priced. Leaving the tire change to a professional can potentially save you from injury.

Roadside tire changing is an important task and should not be taken lightly. It is important to ensure that you are safe and this article provides a number of tips to reduce the risk of injury or worse. If you generally feel like you are unable to change the tire in a safe manner, call 866-235-2512 for emergency tire change service. Our professional technicians are on call now and will be able to change your tires safely and prevent the loss of not only your life but the lives of other drivers on the road if anything were to happen.

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