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Running Out of Gas is Bad for your Car

Emergency Fuel DeliveryGas these days is very expensive. Many drivers try to get all the mileage they can out of a tank of gas. While being stranded on the side of the road is a terrible experience, driving your car with hardly any gas regularly can have very negative consequences. Triple A warns that not only is running out of gas bad for your car, it can possibly put you in dangerous situations. It can also cause expensive repair bills for your vehicle.

One concern of allowing your fuel to regularly run low is the filth and junk at the bottom of the gas tank that has built up over time. This gunk at the bottom of the gas tank can clog the fuel-pump, the fuel filter or even the fuel injectors. You could easily damage all three components in the same instance. Since the electric fuel pump is sometimes cooled by the gasoline, you stand the risk of the pump over heating if a minimum level of fuel is not maintained. The cost to repair or replace that one component can be upwards of $500 for parts and labor. There is also the consideration of personal safety, which most would agree is priceless.

You and your passengers would be put in a stressful predicament should your vehicle suddenly break down or run out of gas on the roadway. When the engine dies, power steering and power brakes stop working in their usual way, so trying to drive a vehicle that has run out of gas becomes difficult at best, and dangerous at worst. You and your vehicle could end up stranded without being able to move from the middle of a busy road or highway and be at the mercy of oncoming traffic. The good thing is by being mindful and keeping an eye on the gas gauge, running out of gas is a completely avoidable situation. Put some gas in your tank at the fuel station when you realize you are running low on fuel. Maintaining a quarter tank of fuel is recommended by AAA.

Making a few modifications to the way you drive can improve fuel efficiency. Such as, going easy on the gas and the brake pedals rather than making quick starts and sudden stops. Smooth driving is better for you and your passengers and is also fuel efficient. When coming to a red light, ease up off the brake and coast rather than making a hard stop at the last minute. Gently accelerate when the light turns green, instead of making a drag strip style start. Reports by the U.S. Department of Energy tells us that aggressive driving can directly limit a car's fuel efficiency by up to 33%. You'll have to decide if beating the vehicle across the intersection is that important to you.

Another key factor in fuel economy when driving is vehicle speed. Fuel efficiency decrease rapidly for most vehicles at speeds above 60 miles per hour. So even in this era of high gasoline prices, you can keep some gas in your tank, and that will continue to pay dividends.

If you’ve run out of gas and are in need, just give us a call and tell us your location. We will respond with fuel to get you on your way. All Roadside Services, is the emergency towing and roadside assistance company that never sleeps.

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